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Everybody wants to make online money and you can make money on internet by various ways. You can also earn money by Youtube. You can also earn from Fiverr. And there is also a way by which you can write articles and earn a handsome income.

What is WhatCulture

WhatCulture is an online magazine based in United kingdom and it paid its writers for the content that they write for WhatCulture. Anyone can write for WhatCulture from any part of the world.

Write for WhatCulture    

If you want to write for WhatCulture then You do not need to have any relevant experience or hold any particular qualifications but you should Possess excellent writing skills. You Should also have a keen eye for detail. You should show a passion for writing to the whatculture team so that they can compensate you for yours articles. You should also have an eyes on the trends and you should stay on top of trends.

  You need to write minimum 1500 words and if you are writing about a list then it should be better. If you write more than 1500 words article then there is more chance to be accepted by WhatCulture team. When Your work is published there then you can also share it on your Social Networking Groups.

Pay Rate Of WhatCulture

WhatCulture pay 0.40 Pounds per 1000 views on your article.Here you may think that the pay rate is too low but here i want to add one more thing that it didnot give any impact on your earnings. Because when your article is published there you will get thousands of views and so your earnings will be increased.
lets have an example of this week post.
This week popular posts of whatculture

Lets have an example. The most popular most of this week on WhatCulture got 173000 views. So it means the post got around 700 Pounds in around 4 days. isn’t it great ? If you are talking about USD, then it is $1095 USD for 4 days.
 I am an Indian so here i am also converting this to INR you might be wondering by this that if you convert 700 pounds to INR it will be around Rs.70,000 and i think it is much than you expectations.
   You would also surprised to hear that there is no minimum or maximum payout on WhatCulture. You can withdraw your earnings anytime and all you have to need is a Paypal Account.
If you don’t have a Paypal Account Then i would like to recommend you to firstly create a paypal account by clicking this link

Register for Whatculture

watch the full process for earning on whatculture

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