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SEO for images
SEO for Images

 How to make your images SEO friendly in wordpress

This blog post is about making images SEO friendly in WordPress. So in this blog post I’m going to show you some advanced techniques specially you are if you have a wordpress blog. Now three basic things you got to know if you are uploading images in wordpress website because images will help boost your result and search engine ranking. So the three basic things you must know is  just as follows:-
1. Give appropriate name to your image
Now first thing you should know that you must give appropriate name to the images which contains all the keywords and other information about the images.
2. Put the dashes between the multiple words
One more thing you should know about seo in images that you should put devices different keywords of the title of the image. If you don’t put dashes in the keyboardor you just pur spaces then google shows it all together and create a long keyword. But when you put dashes it shows a combination of the word which may help google to find your image. So it is very important to put this is between the keywords of the image title.

3. Always put keywords in your “alt text” field.
When you put all the text of the images I believe that google can search god images more accurately. So if you don’t know anything about seo of the images you should take care of of the 3 basic things that I explained here.
One more important things which we search engine loves is the desription of the images. Always write appropriate description of your images so that search engine can find the keywords in your description and it will choose your images on the top of the search result.
If you want to show your images on the top rankings of the search results then you should take care of the three steps that I explained above.

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