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 How to Make money on youtube

earning online on youtube
Making online money on youtube
How to make money on Youtube. If this question comes to your mind then i must congratulate you that you have that wonderfull ide. One year back this idea comes to my mind and now i making some decent with it. In this blog post i am explaining that how you can also do the same like i did. I have also learned some lessons there and now i decided to share my knowledge with you.
  So just remember one thing that making money on Youtube is not that difficult as we think. And anyone can do that. There are some positive points that you should know when you start working on Youtube and these are as :-
1. Anyone can earn on youtube:– as I explained above that anyone can earn from Youtube you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or any other stuff that you should know to earn on youtube. You can start whenever you want without any technical skills.
2. Fastest way of making huge money. With the youtube you can make huge money I am not saying that you are running 100 dollars order 200 dollars or 1000 dollars, if you apply some tips and tricks, then you can earn a very huge money with the youtube.
3. Easiest and simplest way on Internet. When we think of making money online we have a hundred of ways some difficulties and some are easy. I must say that it is the most easy and simplest way of making money online.
4. Genuine and trusted product of google. When we think of making money online then one thing comes to our mind that it may be a fraud but believe me it is a google genuine and trusted product and google is not a fraud.
5. Earn full time or part time. With the you tube you can a full time or you can also earn part time it is totally up to 10 that whether you work full time part time.

6. Each video will pay you for lifetime. One more good news for you is when you upload a video on youtube it will pay you for lifetime.
           Now the biggest question arises that how much you can earn. So let me answer you one thing that is totally depends on video views country of views and the number of subscribers. The video views from USA,Australia, Canada Pay you more than the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Srilanka.
Now you may have another question that how long it takes to receive first hundred dollars? If this question comes to your mind then you must remember that youtube always pay through adsense add adsense requires you to have minimum 100 dollars to send you a payment. So it all depends on the number of video views you are getting. If your video go viral then you can a 500 dollars in a single day. It is totally on the video views.

How much youtube pay for 1000 views ?

It depends on country and Geographical location of your audience. If we calculate the average it lies on the dollars $2-$5 dollars per 1000 video views. And if you got those from USA Australia it maybe over 5 dollars.

Which type of videos make highest money on youtube ?

There may be a question comes into your mind that which type of videos Meghna highest money then I must give you the answer that funny and prank videos make most money. The reason behind that is a few create a funny or prank video everyone have entertainment and they also share it with their friends.

How to get started on youtube?

Now the main questions comes to your mind that how we can do all this. If you need to do that just follow the below steps.
1. Create a youtube channel.
2. Upload few videos but you must take care that you cannot upload video which has copyrighted content, Your videos should shouldn’t contains adult content and there should be no hacking stuffs in your videos.
3. Monetize your videos from the option in video manager.
4. Associate an Adsense account with your youtube channel.
5. Wait to earn $100USD & get paid.


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