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 Avoid violating google adsense TOS

 Google adsense is probably the best advertising network in present time. But there’s terms of service policies are quite stricts. So in this post i am going to show you how you can avoid violating google adsense TOS. You should take care of these terms if you don’t want to be banned on google adsense

 1. Using adsense on supported language website

At this time adsense support various languages website which are as under
Arabic Greek Romanian
Bulgarian Hebrew Russian
Chinese Hindi Serbian
Chinese               Hungarian Slovak
Croatian Indonesian                 Slovenian
Czech Italian Spanish
Danish Japanese Swedish
Dutch Korean Thai
English Latvian Turkish
Estonian Lithuanian Ukrainian
Finnish Norwegian Vietnamese
French Polish
German Portuguese

2. Maximum adsense unit on a single page

If you want to know the simple rule of how many adsense ads can be placed on a simple page, and we must say that that actions supports 3 ads unit on a single page. Some people say that they are using 6 ad units comprising of 3 contextual ads and three text link ads.
But i am not sure about that so i requested you to please stay safe and use only 3 ad units on a single web page.


3. Invalid clicks

Most of the new bloggers for adsense publishers ask your friends to click on their ads or click their own ads from different IP. Adsense e-meditek those activities and put your account in disable mode to ensure their advertiser’s interests.

4. Paid traffic

If you are planning to use paid traffic for your blog or website then i must say that you are in danger. Adsense strictly prohibited such paying traffic is the phone that they will surely banned you.

5. Copyright content

If you are using adsense code on a website that has copyrighted content in it like movies, songs or any other files, you will get instant banned on adsense. Adsense does not allow such copyrighted content on its sites.

6. Using images on adsense ads

Some peoples wants to use adjacent images on adsense ads it is a smart move but google does not allows it. If they find such things they made and you. So it is better to avoid such things and place only google designed ads.

7. Linking to sites who distribute copyrighted or illegal content

One more thing you should be care about that is if your website is linking to those website did have a little odd copyrighted content then you will get instant ban. Where is the type of content which you should avoid falling into your website. And these are
  • Violent content
  • Racial content
  • Porn, Adult Materials
  • Sellings weapons
  • Sellings Drugs or alcoholic products.
There are several other products you must avoid to linking to your website if you don’t want to get banned on google adsense.

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