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Do you face such situations when you are angry on someone and in that mood you send an e-mail to that person after that when your temper comes down and then you think that what i am sending to that person. Then you think is that there any option by which we can unsend an e-mail in gmail. Now in this post we will learn that how we can unsend an e-mail. If you want to do that then follow the below steps :-
1. Open gmail.com and sign in to your account.
2. Click on the settings on the top right corner then there is a pop up window will appear then go to settings on the popup window.

3. On the top level you will see some settings there go to the channel laptops and click that when you click on labs and new tab will open. 
4.Now search a file there named as undo send. And click on enable it after clicked enabled you should save the settings by scrolling down and click on save changes.
 5. Now again open inbox and click on the right top right button of the settings from the scroll down menu click again settings and you will find general settings here scroll down and there is an option named as “undo send” enabled you have to set the time and it is done.
     Now whenever you send any message or e-mail to anybody you have the options to cancel that one.

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