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How to increase your Internet speed with command prompt

As we all use Internet in our life but we also suffered from slow Internet speed, but today i am going to teach you how you can increase your Internet speed with command prompt. If you want to increase my Internet speed have you should simply follow the steps below :-

1. Open command prompt from the windows menu and type “ipconfig/all”
You will see the details of the network in command prompt
2.   Choose one of the connected networks with you want to increase the speed.
3. Now choose the desired network dns server id and copy it.
4. Open run
type ping<DND server id> and -t
After typing run it a new command opens just remain open and close the previous command prompt window. now minimise the new window and enjoy your Internet with fast speed.
But one thing you should know that you that if you want fast Internet then just keep open the command windows and never close it if you close that one, then you should open it to avail the facility of fast Internet.

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