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Hello friends. As i have observed in now days that our childrens continuously used internet in our personel computer and we don’t know what they are doing when we are not with them. It is really a difficult job to track all the activities of our childrens. Then we suddenly feel that there must be a way to block those unwanted websites. When you people have internet connection in your own office and you have some employees and you provide them an internet connection but you don’t want that they use it in chatting or watching youtube etc. Then you are on the right place here. To do that follow the below steps:-
1. Open Notepad and right click on it and run it as administrator.

2. Open new file in notepad by clicking on the open new file as shown

3. Open path as C:WindowsSystem32driversetc.
4.  Open etc folder and if it shows empty then click on all files as describes below. then if will show some files there.

5. Click on host file and open it in notepad and it looks like this.

6. Now add the web address you want to block here. Let us assume we want to block facebook.com then we should make changes like below.

7. Now click on save and all work is done. When you try to login to facebook.com after that you will see this message.

Like this you can block any website.


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