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  WordPress.com blog with Wordads

Online from a blog is the basic need for every blogger. When we start a blog our main motive is to share our knowledge, our experience with the people. But we all know that every blogger starts their own blog and after that when they found that they do not get enough visitors to the blog, they simply leave the platform. But this is not correct way of blogging. We should give time to the blog.
One thing we should have to know that WordPress.com is a free platform which can be used by anyone without spending a single penny. Although it is a good platform to start your first blog but i wouldn’t recommend it to stick for long. The main reason behind that is a WordPress.com blog has many limitations on this platform.

On the other way a WordPress.org is a self hosted platform where u can host your own blog on your own server. Me also requires some technical knowledge and the most advantage here is, there is no limitations here.
   Many bloggers decided to place adsense ads on their blogs. But when they use free hosting like WordPress.com then we must have to know that they can not use adsense on their blogs. Then i must say to those bloggers to use Wordads.
What is the best advertising solution for wordpress.com. Every user can use words but you have to apply for it and if they like your blog they will accept you in Wordads on your blog. Therefore i suggested all of you if you are using word press.com then you should used wordads.
Benefits of using words
  • Unlike adsense, wordads pay you for impressions and not for clicks. This means that holiday traffic is equal to higher earnings.
  • Wordads may be used better for those bloggers who have traffic from U.S. or European countries.
  • When you apply for voter id they will check the monthly traffic on your blog and what kind of blog you are running.
  • Another thing you should know that you need to have custom domain name for your wordpress.com blog. But it recommended to use self hosted blog instead of free hosting.

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